Sales Techniques People See Through

GopherNOI recently listened to a sales trainer’s seminar about cold calling prospects. It started off with bringing up the weather to build rapport.

Excuse me did you just say, the weather? If I get interrupted with a phone call at my desk by someone asking me about the weather, I take that as a total absence of respect for my time.

The next piece of advice was to ask a follow up question that was so complex, it reminded me of one of those essay questions about character arc that I would get on my literature test in high school. I actually didn’t understand how someone would answer the question and maybe that was the point. Maybe it was supposed to be complicated?

Either way, when it comes to selling we have all been coached and trained to build rapport. And yet in today’s business climate, no pun intended, one of the best ways to build rapport with someone is to demonstrate that you respect their time. That means, not chatting people up about weather patterns. They see right through that as an attempt to warm you up. In today’s marketplace, no one needs it. They get it. You’re selling, so sell.

It means getting to the point as politely but as quickly as possible.

So is it warm today where you are?

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