How to Earn $1500 Hearing No

 A friend and sales trainer, Bernie Cronin, of Sandler Training Pompano Beach FL, sent us this great ‘Go for No!’ story. Here it is as Bernie shared with us:

“I had a client by the name of Fred a few years ago and we were doing a goal setting session. He was in the insurance business and was struggling with his prospecting.  I asked him about a goal he would like to achieve in the next 6 months and he said “It will be our 5th Wedding Anniversary and I’d like to take my wife to Bermuda, where we spent our honeymoon for a long weekend. I asked how much it will cost and he said “$1,500.00 off-season.”

I said, “Fred I’m not a good prospect for you. My college roommate handles all of my insurance so I am telling you it’s a NO.” I then took out an envelope wrote $ 1,500 on it and gave him the envelope and I put $ 1 in it. Then I said “Now go get 1499 more NO’s and every time you get a NO put $1 in the envelope and you’ll have enough money to go to Bermuda.

He said astonishingly, “you are sick.” Then Fred thought a little and said, “you’ve got a deal.”  So he picked up the phone and started calling like this, “Hi, my name is Fred with Northwestern Mutual. I sell insurance and you are probably not interested in speaking with me but your name came upon my prospect list so the reason for my call.”  Guess what happened ? He closed more business than he ever had, went to Bermuda and never got to his 1,500 NO’s.  Moral, NOtivation works!”

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