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People who visit us have come to the inescapable realization that their fear of failure and rejection has become a significant road block. Please do not despair, you are not alone. Here are some common scenarios…

  • You are in a sales situation and instead of adding on and suggesting additional products and services, you simply take the order, not wanting to look pushy.
  • You have someone tell you ‘not now’ and to check back with them later, but you don’t, figuring that they will just tell you, no.
  • You go to a networking event and meet people (prospects) for your business. But when it comes time to give them a call, you freeze and literally cannot pick up the phone. You wait so long, you get embarrassed and even feel ashamed about how long it has taken you to get up the courage… you throw out their contact information and hope you can do better next time.
  • You have spent incredible amounts of time and money learning about a business, gathering the product knowledge, and getting organized. However, fear of failure is keeping you from taking any further action.

The situations that are created around fearing the word ‘no’ go on and on. However, there is a solution. Just like you learn any skill, you can re-learn and reprogram the current thoughts and beliefs you have which are causing you all of these problems!

Created by award-winning sales trainers and motivational speakers Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz, Go for No!® is a one-of-a-kind, trademarked training and development program that ‘reprograms’ the way people feel about failure, rejection and changes the internal relationship people have with the greatest self-imposed limitation that holds most people back from achieving massive success… the word ‘NO!’

Built around a ‘suite’ of proprietary concepts and strategies, Go for No!® will help you develop the confidence and courage needed to approach anyone, anywhere, anytime with your offer, idea or business opportunity.

Most people start with the book.  “Go for No!” began with the 80 page fable that teaches the philosophy through the story of Eric Bratton, a call reluctant salesperson.  Since its very first printing all the way back in 2000, Go for No has become a phenomenon of publishing. Not available in traditional book stores, Go for No! has sold well over 300,000 copies and has hit Amazon’s #1 Sales & Selling list and sat in the top ten for the last 5 years.

Breakthrough with the Breakthrough Pak

After you read the book, you’ll be ready for more. That’s where the breakthrough pak comes in! The Go for No!® Breakthrough Pak is a collection of key training and development programs designed to work together in a FIVE STEP PROCESS to bring about rapid behavior change and (as the name suggests) breakthrough performance!

Phase One…
Mastering Go for No!® Audio CD Training Program
Listen to 3 full hours of high-impact, life-changing Go for No!® content on 3 audio CDs which will teach you:

• How to develop a more empowering definition of “failure”

• Get beyond the “willingness” to tolerate NO and learn to embrace it!

• Why your N.Q. (NO-Quotient™) is significantly more important than your I.Q.

• Change your reaction to YES and NO to be of equal emotional intensity

• How to set NO-Goals™ to achieve a radical new level of performance

• That ‘NO’ doesn’t mean never… NO means not yet!

• And much, much more!

Phase Two…
Mastering Go for No!® Personal Implementation Guide

After listening to the program in its entirety, utilize the complete, 36-page printable Personal Implementation Guide designed to let you ‘customize’ the program and apply it to your specific business situation.

Phase Three…
‘Yes Is The Destination, NO Is How You Get There!’ DVD Movie
Watch a full-length, 98-minute Go for No!® training and development video with top superstar performers (including Jack Canfield, ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger, Lisa Jimenez, Art Jonak, Bob Burg, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Larry Winget, Nido Qubein, Chris Widener, Jim Cathcart, Randy Gage, and over 50 others) sharing their secrets to developing the persistence and tenacity necessary for achieving success in today’s competitive world.

Phase Four…

Even though the Go for No!® movie is a full 98-minutes in length, you’ll find yourself wanting more… and we’re going to give it to you! Because Rich & Andrea have gone the extra mile by providing a NO-RESTRICTIONS, ‘BACK-STAGE’ PASS to the complete, unedited audio interviews of all 58 movie participants! We’re talking over 20 hours of high-impact content by some of the world’s most successful people, all sharing how they have overcome failure and rejection to achieve massive success in their careers… and their lives!

Phase Five…
‘Reprogram How You Think About No’ Audio CD
Begin the ongoing process of ‘reprogramming’ your mindset with this amazing CD that features Go for No!® creators Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz as they share their masterful reprogramming statements… set to a fabulous soundtrack… that help you:

• Change attitudes about failure

• Respond effectively to “NO”

• Get outside your ‘comfort zone’

• Build your courage, persistence & tenacity

• Overcome rejection and reduce stress

• Change negative attitudes about ‘selling’

• Get yourself into action!

This CD is the perfect ongoing reinforcement for shifting to the Go for No!® ideas and strategies and develop a winning mindset.

And, finally… Richard & Andrea’s ‘Achieving Breakthrough Performance’ teleseminar on MP3! Available only as part of this package, this invitation-only teleseminar was delivered by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz to a small group of select top performers and is provided as an added bonus to those who invest in this package (it is not sold separately!)

When you put all the pieces above together in one complete package, what you end up with is an action-oriented training and development program that will have you:

• Reading…

• Listening…

• Watching…

And most importantly DOING and taking the action that will transform you from someone who fears hearing the word ‘NO’ into someone who smiles and moves on until the next YES appears in your life… and the next… and the next… and the next.

It’s one thing to say that Go for No!® changes attitudes, behaviors, and gets results… but it’s another thing to prove it. And the best way that we’ve found to ‘prove it’ is through the words, experiences and testimonials of others (after all, you’d expect us to say it’s a great program – we created it!) But when others who have used the Go for No!® concept to change their behavior and revolutionize their lives tell you… without being paid, because they feel so STRONGLY about the concept and the impact it can have on your life… you’ve GOT to consider how this program could impact YOUR life, too.

So, What Does Go for No!® Cost?

Without sounding corny, Go for No!® doesn’t ‘cost’ anything. The cost comes from NOT investing. Because… while the price tag on any item is a consideration, the more important question is: What’s the cost if you DON’T invest in this program?

What’s the cost…

• On your income?

• On your emotions?

• On your sales?

• On your team?

• On your dreams?

Because the investment in this program is a ONE TIME thing. But non-investment will be forever. That said, here’s the value of each element in the package:

• The Mastering Go for No!® Audio CD Training Program is regularly priced at $97 (comes with the 36-page printable Personal Implementation Guide as a bonus, a $29 value)

• The ‘Yes Is The Destination, NO Is How You Get There!’ DVD Movie is regularly priced at $29.95 and comes with ‘backstage pass’ to complete audio interviews with ALL 58 stars of the movie… an additional $70 value!

• The ‘Reprogram How You Think About No’ Audio CD is regularly priced at $35

• The Achieving Breakthrough Performance teleseminar on MP3 has a value of $97

This brings the total Go for No!® Breakthrough Pak value to $357.95. Of course, this is NOT what you have to pay when you buy the entire package.

It’s just $167! Order Now.

Plus a Money Back Guarantee? NO!

This is usually the place where the script says, “100% Money Back Guarantee!” Right? Well, not here.

Do you know why most training and development products come with a 100% guarantee? Well, it’s not because the program is so good. It’s because the program they’re selling you is CRAP! So they offer a ‘guarantee’…

• To entice people who ‘aren’t sure’ to take action and ‘give it a try’…

• To get you past your fear that you might be making a mistake…

• And because they know that the increased sales by offering a guarantee outweighs the cost of the returns, so it’s in their best interest to do so (not to mention that they’re counting on buyer laziness to not return it!)

We DO NOT offer such a guarantee, and we’ll tell you why: Quite simply, we’ve sold thousands of Go for No!® Breakthrough Paks to people who have used the concept to transform their careers… so we know it works! Not to mention that beginning a training and development process with the premise that the program WON’T WORK is just plain stupid (can you spell The Secret?) So we simply do don’t feel the need to entice people who ‘aren’t sure’ to do something they aren’t sure about. Besides, if you’re still reading this (and you are) you already KNOW you want and need this program, so you should get it for that reason, not because we offered you your money back! Go for No!® will work for you if you work it… and it will do the same for ANYONE who works is… THAT we can guarantee.

Are You Ready to Go for No?

It has been said that the word “NO” is the most destructive force on the planet. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At least, not for you. Not anymore. Because right now there is an amazing opportunity in this country for people who have the courage, tenacity and persistence to go after what they want.

• Go for No!® can help you build that courage to breakthrough to the next level… the one you’re just dying to get to

• Go for No!® can help you develop that tenacity to keep going, even when times get tough

• Go for No!® can help you tap into the persistence that is already within you… just waiting to be unleashed.

It’s all waiting for you on the other side of NO. It’s all possible if you are willing to start doing one simple thing. And that simple thing is to… Go for No!®

To Your Success…
Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

P.S. You have just been introduced to one of the most important personal development programs ever created. And we don’t say this because we created it, but because it’s built around what is arguably the greatest success secret in the world… one that is practiced by only a small fraction of people who just so happen to be the world’s top performers. This is your invitation to become one of them!

P.P.S. Now you may be thinking, “Oh, I’ll bet this is just another ‘motivational program’ that gets you jacked-up for a few days but then wears off.” That’s okay, we understand. There are a lot of programs like that out there. Rest assured, Go for No!® is not one of them. While people tell us all the time that Go for No!® is one of the most motivational program they’ve ever encountered, we pride ourselves on delivering high-impact, results-producing content that delivers tangible results. That’s why the list of organizations whose people have used Go for No!® reads like the Who’s Who of American business, including… Arbonne International, American Express, Mobile Mini, Tommy Hilfiger, JC Penney, Juice Plus, Primerica Financial, Colonial Life & Accident, Vans, The Buckle, Coldwater Creek, Build-A-Bear Workshops, USANA, New York & Co., Tiffany & Co., Team National Companies, Orenda International, Cookie Lee, FHTM, Finish Line, Eddie Bauer, Macy’s, REI, Furniture Row Companies, Kodak, Samsonite, Blockbuster, State Farm Insurance, AFLAC, Things Remembered, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Journey’s, Zales, Pep Boys, World Financial, Country Insurance, Micro Center, Mattress Firm, KMS Financial Services, Contours Express – “The Better Idea in Women’s Gyms!”, PARS (Professional Automotive Relocation Services), Pre-Paid Legal, Melaleuca, The Center for Small Government, T-Mobile, Prime Wireless, Keller Williams, The Pampered Chef, Jockey Person-to-Person, Tomboy Tools, Pure Romance, Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Discover Channel, NuSkin, VEMMA, Neways, Hibbett Sports, Richelieu Hardware, Cassidy Tire & Service, ABC Advertising, Microchip Technology, Paychex, Northern Tool & Equipment, AFLA (Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association), Washington Banker’s Assoc., Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Oregon, Ameriprise Financial, BCI Group, Inc, and too many others to list here!

Won’t you join us?

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