Go For No Quotes

Go for No quotes to inspire & lift you up-  Click any of the quotes below to tweet it out! 

“Persistence is pretty, tenacity is terrific, determination is divine!” – @Goforno

“Get started and throw away that need to be perfect. You’ll get better each time!” – @Goforno

“Get rid of the stress and pressure you’re putting on yourself and your prospect for that YES!” – @Goforno

“You can achieve virtually everything you want if you’re willing to hear ‘no’ often enough!” – @Goforno

“Yes and No are not opposites. They are opposite sides of the same coin.” – @Goforno

“Your N.Q.  (No Quotient) is far more important than your I.Q.” – @Goforno

And a few more you can copy and paste…
“Having YES goals is important. Having NO goals is critical.” – @Goforno

“Your reaction to ‘yes’  and ‘no’ should be of equal emotional intensity.” – @Goforno

“It takes no more energy to get a big ‘no’ than a small one.” – @Goforno

“Within every ‘no’ is the information you need to more forward” – @Goforno

“‘No’ doesn’t mean never. No means not yet!” – @Goforno

“Receive ‘no’ as gracefully as you do a ‘yes’ ” – @Goforno

“Many NO’s are simply postpones YESES!” – @Goforno

“A good salesperson goes for yes. A great salesperson goes for no.” – @Goforno

“The yeses will build your business and the no’s will build you!” – @Goforno




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