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GFNNWM3D2We are so excited to announce the publication of a new book: Go for No! for Network Marketing: March 4th 2017. (March Forth!)

A little lengthier than the original fable, the new book takes the ‘go for no’ philosophies and expands them into greater detail along with Ray’s expertise on the topics. Plus, there are 17 ‘Go for No!’ stories featuring today’s top leaders, experts, and earners in the profession and a ten-point action plan at the end of the book. (See more Q & A below!)

Order the book on Amazon in Print or on Kindle. Or, get the book from us here now.

17 Go for No! Stories…

We are thrilled to feature “Go for No!” stories from some of the top network marketing leaders, trainers, authors, and experts out there today!

Jordan Adler, The $20 Million Network Marketer
“I was going to find and sign-up one person a month for two years, do 12 presentations a month, three a week on my lunches, every single week regardless of what anybody said to me.” – Jordan Adler

Margie Aliprandi, Top Network Marketing Professional, Author of How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want, Co-Author, Best Worst First
“It was my lesson that there is a sowing season, and there is a reaping season and they are not in the same season.” – Margie Aliprandi

Brian Carruthers, #1 Recruiter in Network Marketing, Trainer, Author of Building an Empire
“The world is full of starters, but few finishers. I was determined to finish and win.” – Brian Carruthers

Jackie Christiansen, Network Marketing Industry Leader & #1 Top Female Income Earner
“I realized I had an important decision to make. I had two choices. I could quit and never know what my future could have been.” – Jackie Christiansen

Onyx Coale, #1 Female MLM Earner, Consultant and Speaker
“As I’m watching the presentation, I’m thinking to myself, “You can’t make money unless you help other people make money? I like this!” – Onyx Coale

Kai Deering, Millionaire Club Member, Speaker, Trainer and Network Marketing Professional
“People aren’t numbers but this is a numbers game and if you show your opportunity to enough people, a pattern will appear. – Kai Deering

Kathleen Deggelman, Top Network Marketing Professional
“I know what it feels like to have every single family member say no (and I have a very large family!)” – Kathleen Deggelman

Tupac Derenoncourt, Top Network Marketing Professional, Multi-Million Dollar Earners Clubwww.TupacD.com
“Ultimately it took her three years to get involved. If it wasn’t for keeping that drip going—to have kept following-up and inviting her—she wouldn’t have joined.” – Tupac Derenoncourt

Todd Falcone, The Fearless Networker® Network Marketing Speaker, Coach and Author
“I can’t tell you how many people I’ve sponsored because I didn’t give up on them or myself.” – Todd Falcone

Jessica Higdon, Speaker, Best Selling Author & Top Social Media Recruiting Trainer
“0 to $1,000 is so much harder than $1,000 to $10,000 in income because you’re figuring out the system – what works and what doesn’t.” – Jessica Higdon

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed., Business Coach and Speaker, Author, Conquer Fear! and Slay the Dragon!
“Really, it’s all about transforming our relationship to the word “no,” and transforming our relationship to rejection.” – Lisa Jimenez

Anna Khanna, Top 1% Earner in Co. (while working 60+ in the family biz)
“We’ve become very good friends now. She thanks me for not giving up on her because the business has changed her life for her family.” – Anna Khanna

Aaron Mathis, Top Network Marketing Professional
A lot of people will say “no” just because they’re scared, but more than that, people who are a “no” today could be an “absolutely” tomorrow. – Aaron Mathis

Pat Petrini, Network Marketing Speaker, Trainer, and Author of, The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers
“As my income continued to grow, many of the people that didn’t take me seriously at first started to take notice.” – Pat Petrini

Paula Pritchard, Top Network Marketing Earner, Trainer, and Author of Owning Yourself.
“There’s no shortcuts. We all have to go through it, but understand when you come out the other side you’re glad you did it.” – Paula Pritchard

Bob Quintana, Top Network Marketing Leader, Trainer, & #2 All-Time Income Earner in Company History
“Thankfully, for both our sake, he never let my telling him “no” stop him from getting me to see his opportunity.” – Bob Quintana

Tara Wilson, Stay at Home Mom and Multi 7-Figure Earner
“I’ve built teams now that have hundreds of thousands of people in 12 countries just because I didn’t give up.” – Tara Wilson

Q & A with Richard and Andrea about the new book

Q: What made you want to write Go for No! for Network Marketing? (Since Go for No! is so popular already.)

A: As the years passed, the industry that responded most passionately to the book and our message has been direct sales and network marketing. When we heard Ray’s ‘Go for No’ story we knew he was the perfect partner to help us write a version of Go for No! just for people who are building a direct selling or network marketing business. Like any profession, whether it be real estate, retail or network marketing there are some unique challenges that apply just to them. And that’s why doing a book like this, with an expert like Ray who could show people how to think about and apply the concepts, made so much sense.

Q: Who should read it?

A: Go for No! For Network Marketing is perfect for anyone in the direct selling or network marketing profession, at any level. Veterans and leaders will enjoy reading because many of the stories, obstacles, and triumphs will remind them of their own hard-fought journey. People newer to the business will get inspired to keep working and growing while they learn to apply the lessons that we share.

Q: So, is the new book different from Go for No! the original?

A: Absolutely. This one is not written as a fable so that’s a big difference. In other words, it is not a sequel! Which is why we called it a “companion” to the original. Of course, the concepts and ideas will be very familiar but we go deeper into some concepts and Ray brings his expertise and the network marketing perspective into it. We also have the stories from 17 amazing people who share their go for no moments, failures, rejections, and ultimate success.  This book has been a long time in making. Read about the entire story of publishing the original Go for No here.

Q: Have any of the author(s) built a network marketing business?

A: Guest author, Ray Higdon did build for many years but has since stopped to focus on his training company. We are consumers of many products/services that are distributed through direct sales and network marketing but since we speak to so many we have opted not to join a company. Plus, it takes all the time and energy we have just to focus on our writing and speaking business! Our 17 story contributors also all built very successful businesses and most continue to this day.

Still have a question or comment? Please post here, we’d love to hear from you! – AW

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