Everyone Has Fears, Even Wizards

It’s a story of friendship, loyalty, persistence, and courage. What am I talking about?  The Wizard of Oz, of course.

Remember the Cowardly Lion?  Even as he walked through the haunted forest and repeated “I do believe in spooks,” (NOT a positive affirmation by the way!) he STILL continued forward.

And of course we learn that no one could give him courage, and that he had it in him all along.

One of my other favorite scenes is Dorothy and Professor Marvel (the Wizard) talking about his adventures and she asks him, “weren’t you frightened?”

“Frightened? Child you’re talking to a man who’s laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chucked at catastrophe. I was petrified.”

What makes this story so classic is that the themes are universal and we see ourselves in the characters. What we learn is that Cowardly Lions have courage and Wizards have fear. That’s the thing with courage and fear. They are wrapped up so tightly together you often times cannot tell them apart.

So wherever you are on the yellow brick road that you find yourself, remember: you are Lion and you are the Wizard and courage you need to face fear you are facing is within you at this moment.

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  1. Andrea,

    What a POWERFUL message…Love it!

    Even wizards have fears… and look at them BE ever so confident and knowing!

    I remember being part of a team building activity focused on creating a mission and vision statement for our family service center and we used The Wizard of Oz as the theme! It was fabulous…and INspiring. You just took me waay back…thank you for that beautiful memory!


  2. Nice message. I am still learning to embrace NO as I just started on the book. I totally chime with the concept and absolutely agree that Superheroes are afraid too. They just push through.

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