When Have You Gone Too Far?

gfn-goldcoinsThe core of the ‘go for no’ philosophy is to be persistent, tenacious, to not give up. But, how do you know when enough is enough? When you have crossed that ‘line’ and you’ve gone too far with someone?

That darn line.

There are two problems with the LINE… first is, it’s invisible. Second, it’s different for everyone. So, if “the line” is invisible AND it is different for each person, what is the only option for most people?  It’s to stand SO FAR BACK you never, ever accidentally cross over it.

Why fear the line?

For almost every single one of us, we had a moment where we crossed the line and got smacked back down. If you’ve been in business for a while now, there was the one customer/prospect that one time that got upset with you. Or, maybe it was even a parent or a friend that let you have it because you went a little too far. We all have at least one story, one memory and so what we do is make sure that it never happens again.

However, if you never, ever step over the line you will never sell or operate at your full potential. Could you imagine if McDonald’s decided: “most people don’t want fries, and some people get mad when we offer so we are just going to stop doing it and wait until someone asks if we have french fries.” 

They’d rather offer fries to everyone, every time and deal with the few individuals that it makes crazy. In the mean time, lots of people bought fries and McDonald’s didn’t run its business on the minority rule.

So what if you cross the line every now and again? You discovered the line!  Pull your toe back to safety and move on.

 The reality is you are sharing information about your products and services should be win-win. When you operate your business and your life in such a way as to never cross “the line” it’s not just a lose-win (you lose) your customers and potential customers lose too. If you never step over the line? That says more about your courage and persistence and less about the fact you didn’t cross the line with anyone.

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Fear of Failure Removes Opportunity for Giving Extraordinary Customer Service

temporaryThere’s an acronym that might familiar to you if you’ve worked in the “corporate” world… CYA. Cover Your Ass. In other words, don’t make mistakes.

Do not fail.

Sadly, this is the culture of so many organizations… countries even.  In Finland, they’re extremely risk averse – the biggest reason for not being entrepreneurial is the fear of failure. This is the reason why young entrepreneurs of Finland, lead by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society and Boardman Tulenkantajat group, actually arranged a ‘National Failure Day’ in order to change Finnish culture to be more embracing to failure.

In America, we could argue we are better off, and yet we still have a way to go. Failure is still something that most people do everything in their power to avoid.  But in recognizing and addressing those failures is where companies and organizations often have the best opportunities to turn negative customer service situations into extraordinary service experiences. But two things must happen first.

1) Companies to need to be listening to their customers as much as they share information with them.
And then…
2) They need to stop avoiding and/or fearing moments when they have failed. Failures happen, but what you do afterward can turn that from a failure into a success story.

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Top Traits of Salespeople

sales-is-a-person-to-person-businessThere’s always a lot of chatter about the top traits of salespeople.  A fascinating article in Harvard Business Review a few years ago identified seven personality traits of top salespeople. Well worth the read.

#6 in the report was Lack of Discouragement and #7 was Lack of Self-Consciousness. Put these two things in a blender and you have somone who in our mind has one of the single most important factors of being a top salesperson: persistence.

Persisting at every level. A general persistence through the ups and downs of day to day life as a salesperson which is a often a recipe of economics, marketing, products, timing, luck and more. And on a micro level, persistence with customers and prospects, despite rejection and staying with the process so that when they are finally ready, you will be there.

Larry Winget talked about this idea in our Go for No! DVD Movie:

“There are more bad sales people selling bad products at a higher price, than there are good sales people selling good products at a reasonable price. The bad sales people can make more money – which might make them good sales people – simply because they ask more people. They just stay with it all of the time. They don’t understand what rejection is. They look at rejection as a challenge.” – Larry Winget

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Steve Harvey’s Revelation on Fears and Dreaming

Found this super video featuring Steve Harvey on Oprah’s Life Class. There are so many gems in this 3 minute video!

3 Favorite quotes:
“The dream has to be bigger than the fear.” – Steve Harvey
“If 9 of your friends are broke – you’re going to be the 10th one.” – Steve Harvey
“Stop telling your big dreams to small minded people.” – Steve Harvey

WATCH and enjoy! Please share with someone else who needs to watch this.

Everyone Has Fears, Even Wizards

It’s a story of friendship, loyalty, persistence, and courage. What am I talking about?  The Wizard of Oz, of course.

Remember the Cowardly Lion?  Even as he walked through the haunted forest and repeated “I do believe in spooks,” (NOT a positive affirmation by the way!) he STILL continued forward.

And of course we learn that no one could give him courage, and that he had it in him all along.

One of my other favorite scenes is Dorothy and Professor Marvel (the Wizard) talking about his adventures and she asks him, “weren’t you frightened?”

“Frightened? Child you’re talking to a man who’s laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chucked at catastrophe. I was petrified.”

What makes this story so classic is that the themes are universal and we see ourselves in the characters. What we learn is that Cowardly Lions have courage and Wizards have fear. That’s the thing with courage and fear. They are wrapped up so tightly together you often times cannot tell them apart.

So wherever you are on the yellow brick road that you find yourself, remember: you are Lion and you are the Wizard and courage you need to face fear you are facing is within you at this moment.

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Your What vs. Your Why

This was one of the best ways I have ever seen understanding your why (your purpose) demonstrated. Enjoy the video and please leave me a comment, I would love to kNOw your thoughts on it too!

Sales Techniques People See Through

GopherNOI recently listened to a sales trainer’s seminar about cold calling prospects. It started off with bringing up the weather to build rapport.

Excuse me did you just say, the weather? If I get interrupted with a phone call at my desk by someone asking me about the weather, I take that as a total absence of respect for my time.

The next piece of advice was to ask a follow up question that was so complex, it reminded me of one of those essay questions about character arc that I would get on my literature test in high school. I actually didn’t understand how someone would answer the question and maybe that was the point. Maybe it was supposed to be complicated?

Either way, when it comes to selling we have all been coached and trained to build rapport. And yet in today’s business climate, no pun intended, one of the best ways to build rapport with someone is to demonstrate that you respect their time. That means, not chatting people up about weather patterns. They see right through that as an attempt to warm you up. In today’s marketplace, no one needs it. They get it. You’re selling, so sell.

It means getting to the point as politely but as quickly as possible.

So is it warm today where you are?

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It’s Time to Shift… Oh, Shift!

img_2257Several years ago when we were members of the National Speakers Association in Oregon we become good friends with the chapter President at that time, Jennifer Powers. Little did we know that Jennifer would go on to write an amazing book and start her own movement about creating more joy in your life by learning to, well, shift. Hence her book, Oh, Shift! We fell in love with the book and as you can probably glean from the title, it’s fun and irreverent, but it also has Jennifer’s honesty, realness and passion for helping you change your perspective to live more joyfully. As a coach and speaker for many years now, Jennifer is uniquely qualified to share this message.

All that said, to help you kick off 2017, we decided we’d give away five copies to some lucky people who are ready to create a shift in their life.  There’s all kinds of fun ways you can enter just see below. (Don’t want to enter and just want to grab the book? It’s on Amazon in print, kindle and on audible!)

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A Beer Makers Go for No! Story

We always see the end of the story – the successes. Love when someone is willing to pull back the curtain and share their story of failure along the path. Here’s Jim Koch (via Forbes) sharing his ‘Go for No!’ story and how he was able to change his view of no in order to work towards the yeses. Enjoy…

Reframe Rejection in 2017

gfn-reframerejHow do you reframe rejection this year? Intentionally increase your failure rate. That means to start hearing NO more often.

If the goal is to get more No’s… then how?

Here are our Top 5 Ways to Collect More No’s this Year!

#1) You get a meeting or a conversation by phone. You make a presentation. Now what? Don’t let it drift, ask a closing question, in other words… ask for the sale.

#2) You have a conversation and the prospect asks for time to think it over. Now what? Don’t let this go! Be sure to call them back as promised.

#3) You get a ‘no.’ Now what? Ask if you can check back or try again. Get permission to stay in touch!

#4) Your customer selects a product option. Now what? Don’t forget to point out anything else they should consider including additional products/services… OR upgrading to a better quality option with greater features/benefits.

#5) You are serving many wonderful customers. Now what? Give them a call, thank them for their business and ask them if they know anyone else who might like your product/service.

If these five things seem challenging that’s only because you have not reframed how you view failure and rejection in order to achieve the success you are seeking.

What now?

Make sure you get our Secrets for Conquering Rejection and NOtivational ezine right HERE.

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