Competing with a Natural Born Salesperson

Ever met a natural born salesperson?

They tell great stories, schmooze everyone in the room, and seem to close business with no effort. They win the awards, trips, and their sales training process is, “watch me, it’s so easy!”

So how do you compete against the natural born salesperson if you are not one? Can you?

You can with persistence.

Sure, the natural born salesperson can pick up the phone and schedule an appointment in the first conversation. For you? It might take 20 calls to get one appointment. But you can do it.

Yes, the natural born salesperson can waltz into a meeting with a prospect and get the sale. For you? It might take 10 meetings to close one sale. But you can do it.

And the natural born salesperson can suggest several add-ons turning a regular sale into a massive one. For you? It may take many attempts and lots of practice in building the value of add-on products and services. But if you stick with it long enough, you can do it.

Persistence… going for no… will eventually have you producing as much as any natural born salesperson. Go for No! is the great equalizer no matter what field you are in because it keeps you in the game. You don’t have to be a star player, you just have to hustle. No one can take the hustle away from you.

You can be as good and then get great. And people will wonder how you became a natural born salesperson.

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Do You Over Complicate?

Did you pick a WORD for the YEAR?

Confucius said, “Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.” I think this is true in all areas, including business. Especially as technology and human interactions are fusing together. It is easy to over complicate everything and get overwhelmed.

So my word for this year is: simplicity.

I decided on that word after listening to Tim Ferris being interview by Marie Forleo (see it here). Tim talked about finding the most “simple and elegant solution” for the things he wanted to do.

I know this is true for me and maybe for YOU as well: the simpler I keep things, the more likely I am to execute them. The more I execute, the more results I see and the faster I move forward. So, when thinking about doing something the first question I ask is, what is the most simple way to do this? Note to self: leave out the complicated plan. The more I complicate something the more I talk myself out of being able to pull it off. (Also known as self sabotage.)

And you may note this as well, at its essence, ‘Go for No!’ is very simple. Get more no’s. The more you complicate it, the more difficult it becomes. So, I wish you are very simple (but effective) 2018!

As Steve Jobs said, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

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How to Earn $1500 Hearing No

 A friend and sales trainer, Bernie Cronin, of Sandler Training Pompano Beach FL, sent us this great ‘Go for No!’ story. Here it is as Bernie shared with us:

“I had a client by the name of Fred a few years ago and we were doing a goal setting session. He was in the insurance business and was struggling with his prospecting.  I asked him about a goal he would like to achieve in the next 6 months and he said “It will be our 5th Wedding Anniversary and I’d like to take my wife to Bermuda, where we spent our honeymoon for a long weekend. I asked how much it will cost and he said “$1,500.00 off-season.”

I said, “Fred I’m not a good prospect for you. My college roommate handles all of my insurance so I am telling you it’s a NO.” I then took out an envelope wrote $ 1,500 on it and gave him the envelope and I put $ 1 in it. Then I said “Now go get 1499 more NO’s and every time you get a NO put $1 in the envelope and you’ll have enough money to go to Bermuda.

He said astonishingly, “you are sick.” Then Fred thought a little and said, “you’ve got a deal.”  So he picked up the phone and started calling like this, “Hi, my name is Fred with Northwestern Mutual. I sell insurance and you are probably not interested in speaking with me but your name came upon my prospect list so the reason for my call.”  Guess what happened ? He closed more business than he ever had, went to Bermuda and never got to his 1,500 NO’s.  Moral, NOtivation works!”

The key secret society doesn’t want you to know…

… about failure. That was the headline of a recent online video interview I did with Onder Hassan at Dawn of Change.

What is interesting, is that our society claims to value learning from mistakes but often times we see people being publicly shamed or humiliated when failure happens. (Have you checked the #fail hashtag recently?)

And yet here is another secret: top achievers and successful people are testing and trying stuff all the time and failing in the process. You just don’t see it and they don’t go out of their way to share it.

So on one hand, you have society looking down on “failure” for the large part, combined with the super successful among us keeping their own failures under wraps.

Luckily the phenomenon is starting to shift. For example, FailCon is a superb example of people coming together, sharing and learning from failures. And there are other people and events contributing to the failure movement; view my list of Failure Philosophers on twitter.

But the mindset is not easily changed. It requires ongoing reprogramming to change how you have been taught and trained to think about failure. If you have already, please sign up to get our ongoing monthly NOtivational newsletter to continue your journey.

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Eating NO for Breakfast

 IMG_0700In our Go for No! DVD Movie, Wayne Allyn Root said, “I always say that I eat NO for breakfast. ‘NO’ is the opening dialogue of a conversation. That’s all no is. When someone says ‘NO’ to you, that’s the start of a long negotiation.”

You can begin by just creating a ‘no awareness.’ How many no’s are you getting a day… or a week, or month? If it’s none or not many… it’s time to start adopting a new mindset. No’s are the breakfast of champions!

A couple years ago, Wayne released a great book called, The Power of Relentless. He discusses it briefly in this quick video. The book will absolutely inspire you.

Get Wayne’s book on Amazon here!

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Ready to Redesign Your Life?

Do you want to redesign your life?   Years ago we interviewed the authors of “Repotting” Ginger Pape and Diana Holman.

As someone who finds raising plants a challenge, I was intrigued by their premise of changing your life and how it relates to plants.  My favorite quote from their book is, Rule 6 in the “Rules of Repotting” which is to Find Your Authentic Self – Write Your Story: “Women today are asking themselves: Why put off being who I really want to be? We don’t have the luxury of living a “practice” life.”

So, on the subject of “repotting” I had personally never repotted an actual plant until reading their book. Truth be told no plant ever survived long enough. However for the last two years I have had a wonderful (incredibly resilient) plant that has grown nicely despite being under my care.

So I took my plant, got in the car and went to the local nursery where I planned to have them repot my plant. it was time. However, as the woman at the nursery explained to me – (whom I was gladly prepared to pay for this service) – they don’t do it.

With instructions, a new yellow pot and soil, I left to repot. As it turns out the roots of this plant had become so twisted, tangled and long that I literally had to cut off the pot to finally get it out (as you can see.) The amazing news is I did it and the plant is still living. I was so excited that I called my mother to tell her and, buoyed by my success I repotted my other 2 plants.

Lessons learned:

1) If you don’t repot often enough your roots get so long and tangled it gets harder and harder.

2) No one will repot for you.

3) I am a repotter both in my plant life and life-life.

As Richard likes to say,

“You can’t have the life you want unless you are willing to give up the life you have.” – Richard Fenton  (And in this case that also goes for the pot!)

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Stop Striving Start Arriving

Do you feel like you are constantly striving… but never arriving? Maybe that’s because you never allow yourself to arrive.

Most people only reward themselves for results. And most often, those results still aren’t good enough. You’re still not as good as what someone else did.

How about you start being a little kinder to yourself? And, instead of your efforts never measuring up to your expectations and the reward always off in the distance somewhere, around the next bend, you reward yourself more frequently for all the small actions and efforts that you do?

(This is one of the lessons in Go for No! Reward for no’s as well as yeses! Celebrate failure not just success!)

In addition to the next to-do list that you write, write up a “I did” list.

Remember the things that you took action on and accomplished. Did those things require courage? Did you take a risk? Did you ‘go for no?’

Now reward yourself for those things and I bet you’ll be a little more excited to stay positive and keep moving forward in the future. If you are your own boss (and ultimately you ARE the boss of your own life) don’t be a jerk to work for! Be the kind of boss who inspires your own greatness rather than someone who you can never seem to live up to.

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Rejection Fears Sabotaging You?

Fear of rejection can sabotage you. An all-too common comment we hear: what do you do when fear is keeping you off the phone?

While online marketing can carry you pretty far, most sales will take place through conversations over the phone and it’s up to you to dial the number.

You cannot analyze your way out of this until the fear is gone.

Action is the only remedy. So, adopt a simple three part strategy:

1) Only allow yourself to do the day’s most enjoyable task until the call(s) is made.
2) Write out the 1-2 points you want to discuss and end with a question. A final decision making question must be asked. Keep it short.
3) Be willing to be bad. Perfectionism is the enemy of lost sales and productivity. Besides, no one knows what it was supposed to be like, only you do.

The worst most screwed up presentation still has the chance to take you to the next step or land you a sale.

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Rejection Therapy Goes Mainstream

Thanks to Jia Jiang’s viral Krispy Kreme video a ‘go for no‘ mindset is taking hold in today’s consciousness. (In fact, eventually Jia went on to write a book about his 100 rejection experiments called, Rejection Proof.)

If you have not seen it, the video features Jiang entering a Krispy Kreme store and asking for an Olympic-style logo of donuts – something he is certain will get him a quick ‘no’ response. Instead, he encounters Jackie, a tenacious and creative employee who actually pulls off the task.

In the process of trying to get rejected, Jiang ends up discovering someone who does her utmost to go the extra mile and makes Krispy Kreme look pretty good too.  What makes the video so special is because it’s about two people – one who had the courage to ask and one who had the heart to help.

Have you read Go for No! yet? Pick it up at our store here or on Amazon if you prefer. If you like audio books, you can find all of our books including Go for No!

Failing Exponentially

Failing yourself is one thing. Failing as a team is what we call, Failing Exponentially. It’s the final level  in The Five Failure Levels. 

If it makes sense to fail on your own then everyone failing together makes sense too.

One of the most successful ad agencies in the world is Wieden+Kennedy based in Portland Oregon. Clients include Facebook, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Old Spice. According to a story about founder Dan Wieden in Ad Age, after he started the agency he had two young “creatives” who were talented but intimidated.

He said, “You ladies are no good to me or anyone else until you make three gigantic mistakes, so let’s get on with it.” Wieden gets failure.

So much that there are 119,000 plastic pushpins tacked to a wall at the Portland headquarters spell out the mantra: “Fail Harder.”