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Thanks for visiting us. We are the premier experts on overcoming failure, rejection, and fear of the word, ‘no.’ As the authors of the best-selling book Go for No! we spend a lot of our time sharing this message live at national sales conferences and conventions, online webinars and conference calls.

Here’s a little more…


About Richard…

  • Grew up a loyal Cubs fan in Chicago, IL, and (like so many others) is still waiting… (UPDATE! We watched the Cubs win the 2016 World Series and then collapsed at 2 am ET. Go Cubs Go!)
  • Cut his teeth in sales working for his sales-legend father, Don Fenton Sr., in the automotive fleet business
  • Managed a restaurant at the age of 17 while still a senior in High School
  • Recipient of the Trumpeter award, clothing-giant Hart Shaffner & Marx’s highest front-line sales recognition
  • Won a Regional Toastmasters Speech competition in humor
  • Has written several screenplays, a couple have been read by many of Hollywood’s biggest producers – and were declined… for now
  • First became a member of the National Speakers Association in Los Angeles in 1985 and was Member of the Year 2010 for the NSA Oregon Chapter

About Andrea…

  • Received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Long Beach State
  • At the age of 8 she called George Lucas to see if she could work with him on future movies
  • Youngest General Manager in eyeglass retailer LensCrafters’ history
  • Launched her own training company at the age of 24
  • Speaker Member of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance
  • Loves social media. Andrea has 23,000+ followers (@Goforno) on twitter and posts daily on the Go for No! Facebook page which has over 30,000 followers.
  • Named One of 25 Sales Experts You Should Follow On Twitter by Hubspot and 25 Sales Influencers to Follow on Twitter by Salesforce.com and Live Hive. Named Top 100 Sales Influencers and Top 65 Women Business Influencers by Tenfold and 47 Top Sales Speakers and Influencers to Follow on Twitter by SummitSYNC.
  • Listed in Top 5 Female Sales Experts To Follow For Tips on Increasing Sales Productivity by Marketcircle and 51 Top Sales Influencers You Should Follow On Twitter Immediately by ringDNA.
  • Was featured on ‘Idol Chat’ a TV Guide Channel show where she was interviewed on how even idol rejects can be successful failures

Together we…

  • Are the owners of Courage Crafters Inc.
  • Have written and published five books, including the long running best-seller, Go for No! (currently at 350,000+ in sales with over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.com)
  • Produced a 98-minute Documentary DVD Movie, Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There (and drove 12,000 miles around the USA to film it!)
  • Speak together for audiences of 50 up to 10,000
  • Had ‘Courage’ the Cat our Humane Society rescue for 10 years. (R.I.P. Courage the Cat. We haven’t adopted another as of yet.)

And a little about Go for No!…

We are living our dream of speaking, writing, and traveling the country delivering our message to tens of thousands of people to change lives with our Go for No! message. Most people close to us know, we are a little restless. After our time in Los Angeles, then living in the Pacific Northwest for six years, we opted to try out Florida. After a stint in South Beach Miami we ended up discovering downtown Orlando where we now have a “home base” and continue to explore and travel around the country.

A Message from Us…

It is our belief that courage is the single most important virtue on which everything else in life, all your results, are built. And we know that when people build their courage, anything is possible. You might be thinking that, as the Courage Crafters, we must be fearless.  In reality, we are just like you… with the same fears and self-imposed limitations that hold back millions of people. But we have learned to master the things that must be done to build courage as well as specific and powerful strategies that can be used to move from fear to action. Unfortunately, we do not have any courage for sale. You can’t just make a call and have it delivered like a pizza. Because the truth is, no one can sell or give you courage. Courage must be developed… crafted, if you will… from the inside-out.  But there is good news: All the courage you could ever want or need to achieve virtually any goal or dream you have is already inside you, like a muscle waiting to be used.

Maybe just knowing our story will encourage you, and we hope so.  We’re glad you stopped by!
Hang out, take a look around; read the blog, visit our facebook page, and be sure to get our Dose of Notivation. If you have not read Go for No, we highly recommend you get the book today. If you have some fears, we suggest you get a copy of The Fear Factory.

Thank you for visiting us! You stayed to the end. You are a do-er. You are awesome. Now get going!