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What’s Your NO-Quotient?

What’s your current attitude about failure, rejection, and success (and is it helping or harming you?)

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There's One Major Roadblock Standing Between Most People and Sales Success... We're about to Remove It Forever!

Everyone loves the sound of the word YES... it’s so positive, so empowering. And then there’s “NO!” For most people, NO is just the opposite: negative… draining… the antithesis of yes. But what if that could change?

What if you could achieve every quota… hit every income goal… and reach every personal dream… simply by changing the way you think, feel, and respond to hearing the word NO? Well, you can.

Welcome to Go for No!®considered by many to be the most effective strategy ever created for turning the negative effects of failure and rejection into a powerful positive in your career.

The relationship you have with the word NO… what you think and feel when you hear it, and what you do afterward as a result... is THE single most important factor in determining the level of success you will achieve in your life. That’s why despite having a great product, service or opportunity to offer, so many people fail to succeed in business... and in life.

But it doesn't have to be that way. A simple change in attitude and perspective could transform you from someone who is slowed down by failure and rejection into someone who is actually energized by it.

Turn Your Greatest Obstacle into Your Greatest Asset… Learn to Go for No!

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"When you understand this concept, your business can explode!"
-Rita Davenport, President, ARBONNE INTERNATIONAL

"Do you want to achieve success? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you need to get more no’s. This book will show you why and how"
-Darren Hardy, Publisher SUCCESS MAGAZINE

"Powerful… inspiring… the ultimate ‘reframe’ for success!”"
-Bob Burg, author of Adversaries Into Allies

"You folks were fantastic on the show! I am telling EVERYONE about you folks!"
-Willie Jolley